Parnera Parikrama will be conducted by Valsad Racers Group


Valsad Racers Group, which is continuously working for health awareness, has now organized a program of Parnera Parikrama. The citizens of Valsad are invited to join in large numbers.
This unique event has been organized by the Valsad Racers Group on Sunday 26th March. This program is for tracking. In which Parnera will be toured through the forest area. You will get a chance to see Parnera Dungar from all angles in this tracking event. There is no fee charged for Parnera Prarikrama events. Earlier, Valsad Racers had successfully completed Color Run on the occasion of Holi and Women’s Day.
Such programs are being organized by Valsad Racers to create health awareness among the people of Valsad. Dr. Kalpesh Joshi, Dr. Sanjiv Desai and Dr. Ajit Tandel of Lotus Hospital and active members of Valsad Racers Group Nitesh Patel, Pritesh Patel etc. are playing an important role in organizing this program.


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