Atul to plant one lakh trees in one day


Atul Foundation has organised a mega plantation drive – Sanjeevani, a mission to plant one lakh trees in one day. The event will be organised on July 3, 2024. Apart from team Atul, the Company has received enthusiastic responses from its distributors, customers, suppliers and various other stakeholder groups. More than 25,000 volunteers will participate in this initiative including vendors, distributors, customers and members of Team Atul. The plantation drive will be conducted across locations in India and in seven countries outside India. The foundation targets to plant about 50 species of native trees in and around Atul village. 

The slogan coined for the plantation drive is एक ही लक्ष्य, लाख वृक्ष !

The name Sajeevani (meaning immortality) derives from the fact that one tree absorbs 22 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) in one year; considering the average life of a tree as 50 years, this campaign will enable absorption of 11,00,00,000 kg of CO2 from the earth, akin to providing a new lease of life. 

Atul, founded by Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai, has inherited his legacy of serving society since its inception. Atul Foundation is a symbol of his intent and that of the Company as it continues to reaffirm the ultimate purpose of a responsible company by contributing positively and making a difference to the lives of people around us. Ultimately, what has come from the society and nature must be returned to them many times over. Conservation is one of the key programs that the foundation has been actively pursuing to achieve sustainable livelihoods. Atul has to date nurtured about 10 lakh trees at its first site, making it one of the greenest chemical complexes in the world. This year, Atul village received the prestigious Platinum Green Village certification from the Indian Green Building Council, an initiative of Confederation of Indian Industry, for implementing green and sustainable practices in the village.

About Atul Foundation

Much before the concept of CSR evolved into its present form, Atul, since its inception, has been engaged in serving society with diverse initiatives related to education, empowerment, health, relief, infrastructure and conservation. Kasturbhai Lalbhai, the Founder of Atul and an Indian legend, ensured complete commitment to community development and welfare in every company he established. The primary reason for the establishment of Atul was to generate large-scale employment and consequently improve the standard of living in rural India.

Atul Foundation is an embodiment of the Purpose and Values of Atul towards serving society. The Foundation is committed to fostering sustainable socio-economic upliftment, particularly in the lives of the underprivileged through relevant programs and projects in step with national priorities such as education, empowerment, health, relief, infrastructure and conservation.


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