1 ton weight historic bell hung inside iconic Red Church in Vadodara Complete 114 years


The entire nation is in festive mood to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year with open arms. Vadodara is also not behind and gearing up for the celebration along with it’s rich history. One such history is associated with the Centenary Methodist Church also known as Red Church situated in the popular Fatehgunj area of the city. Not many people knows about the history of the Church and the one ton weight bell hang atop it carrying the rich history behind it. The Church was made with Gothic style of architecture without using a single iron rod. The bell hung atop has its own resemblance and till date is in use. It rings every day and Sunday prayers, happy moments like marriage and also in a sad one like any member who died. There is a tradition to ring the bell and this age old ritual is still in practice. “Every Sunday during the prayer inside the Church and both in happy and sad moments the bell rings as per the tradition. The bell is around 1 ton in weight and was among the three brought from England. Rev. Robert Ward a missionary Pastor and good friend of Maharaja rung the bell for the first time and said the words, ‘Ring the heavenly bell’. At that time the sound spreads upto 15 kms on all directions of the city. However now the bell rings in low sound and its range reduced due to the developing city. At that time the Maharaja gave 21 Canon salute to the bell after heard it’s sound,” said Rev. Ashwin Macwan, Senior Pastor, Centenary Methodist Church, Vadodara. The Church was built around 1903 and the bell was among the three brought from England. The bell here was placed in 1908 atop the Church and due to its heavy weight elephant and rope were used to place it. The rope was then stretched upto Kamatibaug garden to place the bell atop 80 foot above height inside the Church. The bell is made of Panch Dhatu, alloy of gold, silver, copper, iron and zinc. A carpenter named Lalji Mistry designed the wooden frame for the bell. The Church is also known as Red Church and during Christmas the aura of it is mesmerising.


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