Small Town, Big Dreams: Valsad’s IT Sector is Thriving

Uffizio is headquartered in Valsad and serves over 80 countries

Company Director Tushar Bhagat at international IT exhibition

India’s Hyderabad, Bangalore or Mumbai have been considered IT hubs, but now IT companies are choosing smaller cities. Uffizio, an IT company has made Valsad its headquarters. The company has expanded its services from such a small town to more than 80 countries by leaps and bounds. Along with this the company also started a branch office in Dubai.  It has been proven that passion is important for development, not the location

Tushar Bhagat founded a software company Uffizio in Valsad along with German IT expert Helmut Otto. The company that started with a small flat has today grown into a grand corporate office at Dharampur Road. Along with this the company has expanded its service from India to Europe, America, Africa, and Asia and has made its customers in 80 countries. Uffizio specializes in providing GPS tracking and advanced fleet management software. Their fleet management software is more accurate and advanced than software offered by other companies. Several state governments in India are adopting Uffizio’s software across various sectors.

Their advanced fleet management software is being successfully used in various government sectors like police, ambulance, waste management, and medical services in many states. This is becoming their important achievement. They have developed unique software has been installed by them with a state in their bus facility for the safety of women in buses. The software works with a camera, emergency button (SOS), and location tracking. The youth of Valsad has made a significant contribution to this project through Uffizio. What sets this IT company apart is that they exclusively employ young talent from the South Gujarat village to work on large projects both in their country and overseas.

Uffizio has been developed without any external funding

Typically, IT service companies in the international market seek investment to fuel their expansion. However, Uffizio from Valsad has achieved significant growth without relying on external funds. They have so far established a strong presence in the international market using their own financial resources.

Engaging in projects with numerous governments

Uffizio, an IT company based in Valsad, has successfully completed various projects with several state governments within the country. Their growth did not stop there. They are currently undertaking significant projects not only for state governments in India but also for other countries. Uffizio has established a Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with multiple European and Asian countries for major projects, and they are delivering their IT services in these regions.


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