The Ministration of Valsad Muslim Samaj and Western Railway Employees Union


In the second wave of Covid, most of the patients had to be hospitalized immediately as their oxygen levels were low. Many patients in Valsad city and other villages of Valsad, were not getting bed in Valsad District, Civil Hospital and other private Covid Hospitals,At that time Valsad Muslim Samaj, Western Railway Employees Union and  Muslim Community Network, Alipore, came forward and delivered door-to-door oxygen cylinders in Valsad district and maintained the oxygen level of the patients in such a difficult situation.  In some severe cases the oxygen level of the patient went low upto 38, while in some cases the oxygen level was upto 74. 

In consultation with  Dr. M.M.Qureshi (MS) and Dr. Mrunal Desai (MD)  the Oxygen levels were maintained by adjusting the oxygen flow. In extreme emergency patients were admitted in Valsad Civil, other private hospitals,  government hospitals in Vapi, Navsari, Surat as well . In case the  patients expires  in hospitals during treatment, then they had been provided 24-hour service i.e.from the hospital to the last rituals without seeing day and night.          About 200 patients in Valsad and around 300 patients in Alipore and in other villages door to door oxygen cylinders supply service has been provided.         One jumbo cylinder been provided to a patient at Vansada Civil Hospital.           Valsad Railway Hospital was converted into a Covid Hospital and been provided with two jumbo cylinders.        During this service,  our two warriors Kishor Patel and Burhan Taylor were found Corona positive, despite the service was continued by other members.  This service was performed under the guidance of the Dr. M.M. Qureshi of Valsad and Dr. Mrunal Desai, joined by Valsad Muslim Samaj’s -Burhan Taylor, Hamza Syed, Sameer Belim, Nawaz Phulara, Talha Mulla, Iqbal Qureshi, Western Railway Employees Union  Secretary Hussain Belim, Kishor Patel,Smita patel Navin Patel as well as Muslim Community Network, Saeed Bhai Lunat of Alipore, Javed Bhai khan khan and other members  had provided the service.


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