The Pardi police station also started corporate level operations with a corporate look


Pardi police station of Valsad district has been given a unique look. It has been given a corporate look with the renovation of the police station. Corporate level operations are also being carried out here.

Pardi’s senior PSI BN Gohil has given a unique look to the Pardi police station. The renovation of the police station can be said to be normal, but the new look of the Pardi police station is unique. This new look is uniquely invigorating to the staff of Pardi police station. PSI Gohil has come up with a unique corporate-like concept with the renovation of the police station. In which the practice of writing the name of the policeman who has a birthday outside the police station as well as the name of the policeman who has done a good job every day has been started.

He also plans to greet the two police personnel in a daily roll call and give them a small gift. This will encourage other police personnel to perform well as well as give them a sense of family working in the police station. This sincere effort of PSI Gohil is being highly appreciated in the police force. PSI BN Gohil, who came to the police force from a teacher, is becoming an auspicious thinker of his staff.


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