CDS Store Unveils World of Premium Treats in Vapi

Snacking Gets an Upgrade in Vapi with CDS's Wide Selection


Vapi’s residents are renowned for their love of good food, but increasingly, health consciousness is taking center stage. This shift is evident in their snacking habits, with a move towards healthier options. To cater to this growing demand, CDS, a premier store offering a range of premium-quality snacks, has arrived in Vapi.

This exciting launch presents a golden opportunity for Vapi residents to indulge in delicious and wholesome snacks. The alarming rise of heart attacks among Gujarati youth, often linked to bad cholesterol from consuming traditionally prepared farsan fried in reused oil, has spurred this shift towards healthier alternatives.

Understanding this concern, Mumbai’s well-established CHARLIEE CHKKI Company, known for its premium quality food products, has introduced a range of healthy snacks. Following the success of their Valsad store, they’ve expanded to Vapi, offering a delightful selection of healthy treats within their CDS stores. Their roasted namkeen has already become a favourite among customers.

But that’s not all! The store also boasts a collection of original, premium chocolates sourced from around the world, catering to those seeking an indulgent option.


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