Now fitness seminars are also being held in companies


Corporate world like IT companies, obesity is common among employees who work sitting in the office. In order to keep them physically strong and energetic, a fitness seminar was held at an IT company in Valsad by Prashant Mistry, a fitness trainer from Mumbai who has trained big actors like John Abraham.

This fitness seminar was held at Atul Club for IT company Boslio by Quinn Fitness run by Binita Kumari and Jay Desai founder of Boslio. IT engineers were made aware about fitness by celebrity trainer Prashant Mistry. He told them about simple exercises to do in daily life. Also suggested proper food to keep the body fit.

He also tried to relieve the pain of some employees by giving proper guidance regarding their body pain. These types of seminars are regularly held by IT companies in metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. However, now this trend has started in Valsad as well. Companies are conducting such seminars to keep their employees fit. Such fitness trainers are also appointed by some companies and training is given to all the employees for one or two days in a week. Due to which even the employee does not need to go to the gym. They are exercised in the company itself.


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