Binita kumari a one & only female bodybuilder of Gujarat


Female bodybuilders with male-like muscles are rare in India. Especially foreign women are seen competing in such competitions. In which only one woman bodybuilder from Gujarat has emerged from small town Valsad.  

Binita Kumari, a woman bodybuilder from Valsad is currently the only bodybuilder in Gujarat. Apart from her, no other woman from Gujarat has come forward in the field of women’s physics category. Binita Kumari has made her body with male-like muscles and has come out on top in the category of women’s physics. He has made a name for himself not only in Gujarat but all over India by finishing fifth in the international Olympia competition, but due to her involvement in this struggle, the general public of Valsad has hardly heard her name. Binita Kumari is a native of Bihar. They got married 15 years ago and came to Gujarat and settled in Valsad. Coming from a very conservative family, Binita Kumari started a gym 12 years ago after her second delivery. Going to the gym gave them a unique energy and they became more interested in it and one day they went to a seminar.

Where he met Prashant, a celebrity body trainer from Mumbai and then started her body building journey. Famous Mumbai trainer saw her passion for exercise and he started training her and with just 3 years of hard work she managed to build her muscles and she was able to take part in the competition and she got 5th rank in the first competition.

“Bodybuilding doesn’t require hours of exercise,” Binita Kumari told the Times. Muscles are formed with just 1 hour of exercise a day. However, a proper diet and rest are essential.


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