"We all have a life story and a message that can inspire others to live a better life”. Here we are sharing with you the interview and vison of one of the most renowned person of Valsad.A man whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, are a leader, our very own DSP Dr Rajdeep Sinh Zala.

Dr. Rajdeep Sinh Zala, DSP, Valsad.

Q1) To begin with, Sir your education?

A) I have completed my graduation in Ayurved.

Q2) What inspired you to join Police Force?

A) The same question was asked in my Civil Service interview. My answer was very simple, “If we look at the current scenario, there are numerous terror organizations and crime groups in our vicinity, on top of that they have their experts in their team to carry on their illegal activities. To combat such organizations and groups we compulsory need expertise in defense forces as well. That is what motivated and inspired me to be a part of our Police Forces and serve my nation”.

Q3) When you were given charge ship of Valsad District, which areas you decided to focus on?

A) My major areas of concern was Traffic, Road Accidents, Cyber Crimes, Direct Service to my citizens of Valsad region, Crime Investigation and Detection. Apart from that we share our borders with Daman, Sailvassa and Maharashtra where liquor is completely free, that in turn created an issue of illegal supply of liquor to these regions, which has become a major challenge and concern for us. At present my team is working day and night to tackle this issue.

Q4) “Liquor” had been serious issue in this region, what strategies have you planned to work in this area?

A) In order to bring these illegal activities under control, we have 19 Check posts to keep a close vigilance, with the support and coordination of neighbouring police stations of Daman, Palghar and Sailvassa we have been able to work closely on this issue. There has been continues surprise raids from time to time and large number of cases have been registered in order to bring such activities under control.

Q5) These days maximum youngsters are involved in Drugs and Liquor. What steps can be taken to bring them back to right track?

A) We need to see this concern from different angle, first of all we need to prevent our youngsters from consumption of drugs. For that we need to come up with different preventive measures and we need to start new drives and campaigns against use of such Drugs, Liquor and Tobacco that can be done with a collaboration with schools, colleges and NGOs. Along with that RehabilationCenters and Counselling Sessions can be done for youngsters who are already in practice of it. From our side, I have kept a closed surveillance and taken strong enforcement actions in our district and have nabbed and filed many cases regarding the same.

Q6) What projects have you planned to work along with NGOs?

A) With NGOs I have planned to collaborate on projects in all kind of preventive activities let’s say, “Say no to Tobacco” and Traffic awareness drive to acknowledge people about road safety and traffic rules. At present Time, Cyber Crime is one of the upcoming major crimes in most cities, once again I would request NGOs to organise campaigns against Cyber Crimes and request them, to create awareness in society. Additionally I request citizens to come up with information, complains and grievances against cyber related crimes let it be bullying, frauds, fake accounts,etc.

Q7) Police Station is a Fear Zone in minds of many. How you plan to make it Citizen Friendly?

A) I believe in order to safeguard best interests of my people, at ground level, a two way relationship needs to be built between our citizens and Valsad police force, i.e. of trust and understanding. At Valsad Police Station, in case of any complains and grievances filed by the local, immediate actions are taken, within stipulated time period. Simultaneously we have kept emphasis on keeping positive body language and good communication skills of every police personnel, be it home guard, traffic police or police persons to make people feel comfortable and welcomed. Above all our strict actions and jurisdiction has created an exemplary for others that Valsad Police will not cooperate and tolerate any type of criminal and illegal activities in its region and through this we have earned  respect and  love from people of Valsad.

DSP Rajdeep Singh Zala celebrated Diwali with poor children.

Q8) Roads accidents and implementation of traffic rulesare very common issues in this region. How can it be minimised?

A) Definitely it is one of the key areas of my work. WE shall be taking enforcement steps in this area. But before that I would like to bring to your notice, when we talk about Traffic, it’s based 3 keys concepts, i.e. education followed by engineering and in end enforcement comes into action. It’s my sincere request to all nearby active NGOs, Media persons and dignitaries of Valsad to come together and start a drive and campaign regarding traffic rules and regulation education and awareness to people, we have set up a team of expertizes to look into roads engineering of Valsad city and in the end whatever strict actions needs to be taken in this regard will be followed.

Q9) Transgender Community is still considered outside world among us. How can we empower them in local areas?

A) In this regards, we need to come up with a permanent solution. On behalf of Police Force we can give them 1 drive, 1 campaign or 1 project, but what after that. I believe it’s a joint responsibility of each one of us, together as a society we need to welcome them and try to take improvised steps to bring them back into right direction which will not help them in creating a place, name and recognition for themselves, along with, it will create a new world for them, to which they can finally call their home. Additionally I feel we need to come up with a concrete plant, through “SURAKSHA SETU”, we need to provide them long term job opportunities so that they can their livelihood on regular basis.

Q10) How can youngsters be part of Nation’s Development. How can they play they be of help to your forces?

A) Youngsters are the backbone and foundation of any society’s development. If we talk about my Police Forces, they are always welcome to come up with new innovative ideas and most of them are now actively involved and engaged in social media platforms. They can be used in spreading positive and preventive message to public. They can be a part of our social media team. Whereas some are really good in domain knowledge, coding and application programming they can help in creating applications and good promotional pages designing. Again we have students with good engineering knowledge, they can give their services in road engineering activities. I feel proud to say, youngsters especially in our district are physically fit. They are conscious about their health and fitness. Such youngsters can help us in teaching and training our school and college going girls and women, “Self Defence Techniques”. In fact through this interview, I would like to invite all youngsters of my region to come down to us, with their knowledge, activities and hobbies and over here we will try to engage you all in different activities and campaigns. In short we want to provide the future leaders of our nation to serve their city and be a part of nation’s development.

Q11) What changes and adaptation you want to bring in Valsad region?

A) If I talk about Valsad district, it is gifted with natural resources, people here are engaged in legal employments, and Standard of living of people in this region is high compared to others. People over are of mild behaviour and law abiding citizens we have.  Only area which I found lacking is “Traffic Management”. Once again I would like to add uphere,In case of complains and FIRs earliest responds and prompt actions will be taken immediately on our behalf.

Q12) “Work and Personal Life balance”, your opinion on it?

A) Self Discipline and Self Satisfaction should be the key attribute one should compulsory possess in their lives. That I can say has helped me in setting my priorities and work commitments balance always in my life.

Q13) What changes and adaptations you want to bring in your Police Station?

A) In my term meaning of COP is “Community Oriented Policing”, these same words I want each officer of my police department to sincerely accept and heartily follow it.

Q14) Many students inspire to join Police Forces, can you suggest some Tips how can they prepare for their entrance examination?

A) Students need to be updated and alert, they should be aware and have knowledge about new recruitments opening in newspaper and social media both. Secondly they should know what kind of recruitments are available, syllabus needed to be prepared for that particular post. Under DYSP charge ship we have “SURAKSHA SETU” program, though which we guide aspirants about physical fitness tests, examination preparation and simultaneously we guide in preparations on interviews as well. Anyone wishing to join defence force can come to us anytime it will be our pleasure to mentor them. 

Q15) “Women Empowerment”, how projects you would take up to promote it?

A) 1) We can plan up sessions and seminars regarding “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT’”, and “SAVE GIRL CHILD”in collaboration with NGOs

    2) Helpline number, “181” is there in case of emergency situations.

    3) “NirbhayaSavar” i.e. safe rickshaw women and girls should travel in.

   4) “Self Defence Programs” can be organised in schools and colleges for their safety.

   5) Within every 20 to 30 minutes there’s a police van on patrolling so it’s safe for our women to travel alone.

  6) In every schools, colleges, institutions and companies we have “WOMEN CELL’, they can contact us any time in emergency situations and awareness programmes. We will be try our best to make every women feel safe in this region.

Q16) Slum area children are always at risk. What can be does for their safety?

A) Slum children area at maximum risk, as both parents are working. The child at home in most houses is alone and there are chances of crime to take place. In order to avoid situations, we have kept strict surveillance in such areas. Along with there is”MASOON APP”, on play store where children can contact us directly in case of any complains or emergencies. Safeguarding and protecting our children is the foremost duty of our department

Q17) Any other inputs you would like to add up?

A) “Always follow the rule”, together let’s make Valsad a safe, crime free city that we all want to live in. Be the change you want to see in the world.


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