Parnera Parikrama along with Valsad Racers Group


Valsad Racers Group gave a spiritual work out challenge of climbing Parnera daily to maintain health during Chaitri Navratri. Along with this, a special circumambulation(parikrama) program of Parnera was held on Sunday, 26th March. The trek was done around Parnera by way of Parnera foothills and hill forest. More than 650 health lovers joined the trek.

Valsad Racers Group organized a unique trekking tour of Parnera Parikrama during Chaitri Navratri to spread the message of health awareness among the people of the city. This circuit was kept for 7 km. Ascent and descent of Parnera hill from two different locations. In this unique trek, people got the opportunity to get close to nature and enjoy devotion and natural beauty along with health.

During this trekking, Valsad racers group arranged tea breakfast and brunch on the hill. The entire planning was done by Nitesh Patel, Pritesh Patel, Jatin Patel of Valsad Racers, Dr. Sanjeev Desai, Dr. Ajit Tandel, Dr. Sandipbhai of Lotus Hospital. Piyushbhai Tandel, teacher of Avabai School and Anand Dak served as photographers in the program. Businessmen, bureaucrats, female body builder and fitness trainer Binita Kumari, journalist Apoorva Parekh, Harshad Ahir and other dignitaries joined the event.


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