Valsad Police reunite 45 missing persons with their families in a month

11 missing children were found to have left with their mothers, The operation was led by Valsad SP Dr. Karanraj Vaghela

Various Child Negligence and safety issue.

In a remarkable feat, the Valsad police have managed to trace and reunite 45 missing persons with their families in just one month(march 24). The operation was carried out under the guidance of Valsad SP Dr. Karanraj Vaghela, who took a special interest in finding missing children.

The 45 missing persons include 12 men, 22 women, and 11 children. The police launched the operation following a directive from the Director General of CID Crime, Gandhinagar, Dr. Rajkumar Pandian, to locate missing persons across Gujarat.

The Valsad police team worked tirelessly, going through old files and records dating back to 2011. They also conducted extensive searches in other states, using various methods to locate the missing persons.

In a heartwarming turn of events, 11 children who had gone missing from Valsad were found to have simply left with their mothers. This brought relief to the police, who had been concerned about the possibility of a child trafficking network operating in the area.

The successful operation by the Valsad police has not only brought joy to the families of the missing persons but has also set an example for other police forces in the state.


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