Atul Limited Security Team Organizes Cycle Rally for Health Awareness


On Sunday, April 2nd, 2024, the security team of Atul Limited, a company located in Atul village near Valsad, organized a cycle rally from Atul First Gate to Hill Side Colony-5. The aim of the rally was to raise awareness about health among the community.

According to Ram Swarup Rai, Assistant Manager of the security team, it is crucial for the security team to be healthy in order to ensure the safety of the company. Therefore, the rally was organized to promote health awareness among the team members and the general public. The rally saw a large participation from the team members.

The rally began at Atul First Gate and proceeded through various roads of Atul village, culminating at Hill Side Colony-5. The participants carried placards and banners with slogans promoting health and fitness. They also distributed pamphlets and spoke to the people they met along the way about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The rally was a success in raising awareness about health among the community. It also helped to promote a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the security team members.


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