Celebrating Christmas watching the sunrise


Shri Damania Soni Samaj Valsad celebrated Christmas by watching the sunrise on Parnera Hill. Small tour was organized by the committee members on Sunday 25-12-2022. All gathered at the foot of the hill near Atul Ji Colony at 6.0 in the early morning. After that, at 6-15 in the morning, everyone started climbing the hill together and reached the top of the hill before sunrise. Reaching the hill, everyone enjoyed the beautiful sunrise.

After that, all the castes gathered on the hill and took advantage of the darshan and aarti of Shri Chandika, Shri Ambika, Shri Navadurga, Shri Mahakali Matana and Shri Hanumanji temple. Returning from the temple, on the hill top, everyone chanted the garba of Mataji. After descending, all the castes enjoyed the breakfast of Sev Khaman at the foot of the hill. The planning of the next trip was also discussed and all left to return home.


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