A unique colour run was held in Valsad on the occasion of World Women’s Day and Holi


Valsad had a unique celebration of World Women’s Day and Holi with health and entertainment. A 5 km colour run was held on this day by the Valsad Racers Group, an organisation that keeps people constantly aware for health. More than 100 women participated in the Colour Run and a total of 300 citizens ran enthusiastically. Holi was also celebrated with this run.

Health lovers of the city gathered at Valsad Circuit House at 6.30 am on 8th March. Here they celebrated Rangi Holi with colours to each other. Then, with painted bodies, they participated in a mini marathon on Tithal Road.

After the completion of the 5 km colour run, all the contestants reassembled at the Valsad Circuit House. Here all the runners had a unique celebration by dancing with delicious South Indian snacks. This run as well as the entire program was organised free of cost by Valsad Racers. Members including Nitesh Patel, Pritesh Patel played an important role in its planning.

Throughout this run Piyushbhai Patel, a teacher of Avabai School, provided free photography service. Many people including Dr. Kalpesh Joshi, Dr. Bhairavi Joshi, Dr. Sanjiv Desai, Dr. Ajit Tandel of Valsad Lotus Hospital joined this run. Also journalists Apoorva Parekh, Harshad Ahir, Chetan Mehta, Mukesh Desai, Nirav Pitroda, Dayzad Chothia and Jignesh Solanki of Information Department also participated in this run. Pragnesh Pandey, Nareshkaka and other leaders of MR Association participated.


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