Beware if you ride a Bullet with a modified silencer

Valsad Police Cracks Down on Noise Pollution and Hooliganism


In a bid to curb noise pollution and deter hooliganism, the Valsad Police has launched a crackdown on bullet riders using modified silencers. These riders often create a ruckus by making loud noises and disturbing the peace, especially late at night.

The police action comes after several complaints from residents about the menace of modified silencers. In a recent incident, a group of bullet riders created a ruckus in Valsad, threatening and harassing innocent families.

Taking cognizance of the situation, Valsad SP Dr. Karanraj Vaghela has instructed the city police to take strict action against such offenders. Under the guidance of City PI DD Parmar, a team of police officers conducted a vehicle checking drive at Tithal Road Char Rasta on Saturday night.

During the drive, the police intercepted four bullet riders with modified silencers and seized their vehicles. The riders were also fined for violating traffic rules.

The police have warned that the crackdown will continue and that strict action will be taken against anyone found using modified silencers or indulging in hooliganism.


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