Valsad Residents Buzz About Uncontrolled Mosquito Menace


Residents of Valsad city are facing a growing menace – a surge in mosquito populations. The situation has become so concerning that even posh localities like Tithal Road haven’t been spared. People fear the health risks associated with these pests, with many worry about contracting mosquito-borne diseases.

However, the issue seems to be falling on deaf ears. According to reports, the Valsad Municipal Corporation lacks a concrete plan to address the mosquito problem. This lack of action has frustrated residents who are left to fend for themselves against the persistent buzzing and potential health risks.

“The mosquito situation is completely out of control,” said a resident of Abrama area. “It’s become impossible to sit outside in the evenings without getting bitten multiple times. We’re worried about diseases like dengue and chikungunya spreading.

“Another resident from Tithal Road echoed these concerns. “Even in supposedly upscale areas like ours, the mosquito problem is rampant. It’s disappointing that the municipality doesn’t seem to have a plan to tackle this issue.”

Public health experts warn that stagnant water bodies, improper waste management, and a lack of fogging initiatives can contribute to a rise in mosquito populations. These factors can create breeding grounds for mosquitoes, allowing their numbers to multiply rapidly.Residents are urging the Valsad Municipal Corporation to take immediate action.


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