Hemant Lokhil, National General Secretary of All India Yaduvanshi Mahasabha, demands reservation in NIT exam


The BJP government at the Center has done great injustice to the OBC-Bakshipanch community. The team of National General Secretary of the All India Yaduvanshi Mahasabha Hemat Lokhil has demanded the Central Government to implement 27 per cent reservation in the Nit exam and conduct a caste census. He said that if all together, all development is the mantra of the BJP government then why injustice is being done to the OBC community. According to the Central Government, if the OBC population in the country is more than 52%, then the OBC community has the highest contribution in forming the Central Government and the State Government. The OBC community has received 27 per cent constitutional reservation in education and government jobs since 1993, but has so far received 11 per cent. Not a single OBC youth got a single seat for the examination of 40,842 seats from 2017 to 2021 in the net quota of All India Medical Institute. As a result, 11,027 seats have been lost which can be considered as a political conspiracy to end the OBC reservation and prevent OBC youth from becoming doctors. Which is against the law. There is resentment against the BJP government in the youth wing of the OBC community as the OBC community is not getting 27 per cent reservation. How will the public welfare plan be made unless the OBC community knows the current population? How will the educational-social-political-economic situation of the OBC society improve? For this, the Central Government has been asked by the National General Secretary of the All India Yaduvanshi Mahasabha and Gujarat State President Hemant Lokhil to implement the 27 per cent reservation and conduct a census.


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