Western Railway Employees Union protested in front of Rajdhani Train Engine

Members of Railway Employees Union protesting near Rajdhani Express train at Valsad Railway Station.

The Western Railway is considering reducing the number of senior loco pilots in the country’s famous super fast train Rajdhani Express train. Against which the Western Railway Employees Union had held  a protest on Valsad railway platform.Office bearers , including Union Mumbai division Joint Secretary Sanjay Singh, Valsad branch secretary Hussain Belim, chairman Jayesh Patel, Ramdas, Dinesh Goswami, Umedsinh Jat, R. K. Upadhyay, Munavar Sheikh, Tushar Mahajan, Kaishik Bagulkar and Kishor Patel staged a protest near the engine of the Rajdhani Express train at Valsad railway station. The Rajdhani Express train is operated by two senior loco pilots. The Railway board is considering reducing the number of two senior loco pilots to one senior loco pilot and replacing with one assistant loco pilot. Operating the super fast train with one assistant loco pilot, who does not have the experience of a super fast train, it will become difficult for senior loco pilots to operate the train, which will put the lives of the passengers in danger. Against this replacement cement  of loco pilots western railway employees union had held a protest against railways.


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