Valsad’s Jayesh Ramanbhai Patel breathing life of cricket in America


Jayesh Ramanbhai Patel, who is a native of Bodlai village of Valsad, settled in America for years, has prepared Paramvir Sports Complex to breathe life into the game of cricket in America and to facilitate cricket to Indian Americans. 6 cricket grounds have been prepared to play international level cricket matches from net practice in the Paramvir Sports Complex. Because of this, he is considered the godfather of cricket in America. 

Jayeshbhai Patel, a farmer’s son of Valsad settled in America and became a big businessman. He bought a huge land of 40 acres in Riddell, Bartow County, Georgia State and prepared the Paramvir Sports Complex with 6 cricket grounds. There is no cricket craze in America. But Indians living in America are maintaining their interest in cricket. However, they do not get enough facilities for cricket. Due to which the game of cricket could not come forward there. Jayesh Patel of Valsad took the initiative to bring forward the game of cricket in America and is starting a sports complex at the cost of millions of dollars. 

The enthusiasm of the son inspired him to build the sports complex.
Jayesh Patel’s 24-year-old son Param was born and brought up in America. He used to play baseball in high school, but father Jayesh’s passion for cricket was from the beginning. After baseball he started playing cricket and progressed in it. This inspired Jayeshbhai to build this complex.

It will not be surprising if there is an international cricket tournament in America in the future.
Having been the president of the Atlanta Cricket Conference, Jayeshbhai has deep knowledge of cricket. Due to which he has prepared cricket grounds with many international facilities. Secretary of Gujarat Cricket Association Anil Patel is also going to see it. Then international tournaments can also be played in Paramveer Sports Complex with this facility. Also, it will not be surprising if the American team also comes forward in international cricket.

Prepared complex from international cricketers.
Jayesh Ramanbhai Patel of Bodlai prepared the entire sports complex under the guidance of international cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar, Chrish Gayle, Darren Bravo to prepare the Paramveer Sports Complex. The pitch of the cricket ground in the complex has been prepared by the well-known pitch curator of the West Indies, Samuel Plumber. Which they are also paying attention to. Many veteran cricketers were also present in his inauguration ceremony.


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