Cyber crooks new alchemy of cheating in the name of police


The gang of thugs who are deceiving people by sending false messages on the phone are deceiving people by sending new types of messages every day. A few days ago, they were demanding money by sending a message in the name of the electricity company saying that the bill was due. It has been revealed that this gang is now cheating by sending messages in the name of the police. In which he is talking about Lok Adalat online. Valsad police has issued a statement to the people to warn them of such messages.
Valsad police told the people of Valsad through social media that if you get a message on your mobile for payment of the outstanding amount of traffic challan, then be alert. If this message mentions making Lok Adalat online, do not click on it. No online Lok Adalat is conducted by the police. In such a message, the police asks you to pay the outstanding traffic challan fine in the Lok Adalat. This is a trap of cyber crooks. Many people are scared and pay money through such messages, but this is a fraud message. The police has appealed to people to be aware of such messages.


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