From huggies to chaddi buddy, to langotiya yaar, from bunking school together to getting punishment together, from make up to breakup. FRIENDS are the only relation we choose for ourselves, a bond that is so special, irrespective of colour, creed, caste, religion. Throughout our lives, at each stage of our life we had this friend to tag along. During we all had in childhood that padosi waala friend, who later on turned to colonywaala gang, in van seat friend, classroom bench friend, during recess tiffin friend, for notes and homework special friend, chaiwaala friend, goa waala friends, movie waala friends, camping waala friends, late night call friends, one side waala love friend, best suggestion waala friend, to part waala friends. From peculiar nicknames to prank games, from pushing us up in our tough time to smiling idiots in our success celebrations. Without these weirdos and nutcrackers life was impossible to imagine.On this Friend Ship Day I want to remember all those friends who made our lives special, who were extra cheese in our burger? Thank you guys for taking on this roller coaster journey with me, and simultaneously special gratitude to our boss cum colleagues, mentors to mentee waala friends, strangers with waala friends.  It’s rightly said to choose your friends wisely, if you have 4 millionaire friends, you will be the 5th one, but if you have 4 criminal friends you will be the fifth one. A true friend will defend you in public and correct you in solitude, A good friend will always show you the difference between right and wrong. Just like a good book can change your life, a real friend can rock your world. How could I forget books they are our best friends So this Friendship Day, try to reach each or these friends with whom we have lost contact since years, and wish them a Very Happy Friendship Day.


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