Valsad Swings from Sizzling to Serene in One Day

Coastal City Records State's Highest and Lowest Temperatures


Valsad endured a wild temperature rollercoaster ride on Monday! The coastal city sizzled alongside its inland counterparts, with highs reaching a scorching 39°C. This heatwave turned streets into ghost towns by afternoon. But here’s the twist: Valsad also snagged the title of coolest spot in the state that same day, dipping down to a chilly 18°C. This dramatic temperature swing brought scorching afternoons and surprisingly cool evenings.

While Valsad usually enjoys coastal moderation, lately it seems to be competing with the likes of Ahmedabad and Rajkot in the heat department.

Even April’s arrival hasn’t brought relief, with daytime temperatures already hitting a sweltering 39°C. Thankfully, the nighttime cool-down offered a welcome respite from the daytime inferno. Overall, Monday in Valsad was a day of extremes, both scorching and surprisingly serene.


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