Dr. Karanraj Vaghela is new Police Chief of Valsad District


Dr. Karanraj Vaghela has been appointed as the new SP of Valsad after the transfer of Valsad Police Chief Dr. Rajdeepsingh Jhala. Dr. Vaghela has taken charge of Valsad District as a Superintendent of Police. While the next August 15 state-level celebrations are being held in Valsad, the police are currently giving priority to maintaining law and order in the district and preventing serious accidents, especially on the highways.

New Police Chief IPS Dr. Karanraj Vaghela said in an interview given to the media after assuming charge in Valsad that his priority will be to prevent serious accidents on Surat Manor Highway No. 48, which is Asia’s busiest, along with maintaining law and order. Many major accidents keep happening on the highway passing through Valsad, and it has been seen that many people are losing their lives. Then measures, including technical surveillance, will be taken to prevent these accidents. Apart from this, he has asked to rein in the drunkards from UT Daman and Silvassa. 


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