The Women’s Self Defense program was held in Pardi


A program of self-defense was held under the ‘Police Suraxa Setu’ at Adarsh Residential School in Pardi, Valsad.  The event was organized in collaboration with Armor Martial Arts Gujju Karate Association, enthusiastically attended by about 60 students.  Social Distinctions and Mask Wearing were trained as per the guidelines of Covid 19.  Manoj Patel briefed the women on how to protect themselves against atrocities against women during self-defense training.  Head Constable Arvindbhai gave a detailed understanding on how to get help from the police, which number to call in case of crisis and how to get help from the police in case of harassment by someone at unknown places.  The school assistant in-charge  Manoj Patel thanked their team and police staff.  Constable Arunbhai of Pardi Police Station and were present in the program.


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