Patriotic fusion song video released by the youth of Valsad 

Musician Mitul Parekh, Nirali Parekh, doctor Siddharth Desai, IT professional Sagar Mistri played a key role in the video


Youngsters from different parts of Valsad have come together to make a video of a patriotic fusion song and released it on January 26th 2021.  This video has been arranged by themselves. This video song, made in the home studio, is appealing not only to the youth but also to the elders. 

Mitul Parekh, Singer & Guitarist

 Valsad-based musician couple Mitul Parekh and Nirali Parekh  alongwith their friend and drummer Dr. Siddharth Desai mixed different patriotic songs and created a fusion version. 

Nirali Parekh, Singer

The video of the song was made with the help of a friend, computer engineer Sagar Mistry. The entire video was created in their home studio.

Dr. Siddharth Desai, Drumer

 Their other teammates,  Dr. Gurpreet Kajla, journalist Apurva Parekh, Prakruti Parekh, Virali Mistry, Eva Mitul Parekh and Ira Apurva Parekh gave their contribution in the video.

 A unique fusion of Indian classical, pop-rock and rap
 The song, composed by a youth group from Valsad, will present the beauty of Indian classical, pop-rock and rap fusion. They have created this fusion song by mixing these three genres of music in a unique way.  This song has also been uploaded on YouTube.


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