The young man from Valsad became a pilot in USA

Sunny Tushar Naik in the cockpit of the plane

The youth of Valsad have made their careers in many fields.  However, the incident of becoming a pilot has not been heard of yet.  Then Sunny Tushar Naik, a young man from the Anavil(naik) family of Gorwada, a small village near Valsad, became a pilot in America and made his career in a unique field, enhancing the pride of the Anavil community.  Sunny Nayak became a pilot at the age of just 22 and in a year he has completed a journey of 1000 km. Sunny, the son of Tushar Nayak and Shraddha Nayak, originally from Gorwada village in Valsad, has been appointed not only as a co-pilot in Republic Airways of America, but also as its brand ambassador.  This peak he has achieved at such a young age has enhanced the pride not only of the Anavil community, but of Valsad.  Sunny is currently flying a double-engine Amber 175 carrying 85 passengers.  His father Tushar Naik said he would become a captain in the near future after a 2500-hour flight. 


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