Beware! Please read this before celebrating New Year’s Eve in Secluded Places


It is well known in South Gujarat that New Year parties are also held in forest areas on December 31st which often include liquor. To curb the sale of liquor in the area, Dharampur Police raided 29 liquor dens simultaneously. They found liquor from 7 places in the raid. They also nabbed 9 drunken men.Valsad District Superintendent of Police Rajdeep Sinh Zala had instructed the police officers to conduct simultaneous raids on liquor dens to eradicate alcohol abuse in the celebrations on December 31. Following which, Dharampur PSI N. T. Purani formed four teams and raided a total of 29 liquor dens under the jurisdiction of his police station. With such tough actions, it is clear that Valsad Police does not want any foul play this year.


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