My future Leaders, Brothers and Sisters of KillaPardi. I am proud to belong to our nation India, which has taught the world PEACE IS POSSIBLE and that is celebrating its 72nd Republic Day celebration.

I am proud of my Home Town, whose name starts will Killa,

Over here in snacks you get Fafda and Jalebi and in dinner you get Undhyu and Ubadyu,

In every second house, you will find a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer,

Here in government offices you are served Green Tea and in houses you are offered Hygiene Food,

In my Work Town, on every 2 minutes distance, you will either find a hospital or school or shop,

My town has its own Nagar PalikaSadhan, Police Station, College, Court, Garden, Railway Station, Blood Bank and even MamlatdarSadhan.

Here on one side we have the beautiful Pardi Lake on another side we have Parnadi,

Whereas on another side in its pride Killa and on other side Parnera.

I SaimaPathan, daughter of this modal town KillaPardi, wants to express my ideas and thoughts on my home town “AAPDU PARDI”.

If I am a leader, I must have a vision that stands for myself, my members, my society, my organization,  my country , my world.  If you ask me my vision, I am sorry I don’t have one. Instead I ask you what should be our vision.Together how can we make one?My mentor taught me one thing, “Saima your work, your projects should be as such, which involves your growth along with growth of community as well.

            I feel, to begin with, in schools and colleges we need to make compulsory 10 Marks for community services, but that must start at every individual local educational institution and its effect will be seen in our young leaders by making them concerned and responsible towards their hometown, their actions will bring out a positive change at grass root level in our society. Simultaneously there must be “DISASTER MANGEMENT TRAINING”, compulsory, to aware, train and keep them safe from upcoming disasters and pandemics.

Our business goals must not only be limited to business seekers but instead our projects must include goals to become business and job providers as well. So that there would be 0% Unemployment Problem in our town.

We have major problems of cleanliness, alcohol, drugs, traffic issues, this can be brought under control through connecting CCTV in entire KILLA PARDI. Fines can be easily levied on those who are breaking. Especially when youngsters are found without helmets, breaking traffic rules and consuming alcohols and drugs, they should be given punishment in form of providing services of 30 hours or 40 hours to community.

At training level, i.e.  Awareness driven programs, Self-defense trainings and sessions we need to conduct quality trainings, in order to make our training reach even to the most remote corner &areas of our society. Our community projects, we need to first research, analyze, plan and execute that projects that is needed of our local community and prepare a vison with local NGOs and authorities, and make sure it reaches maximum and almost every tribal, folk person, villagers, citizens of our home town.

Let us stop asking ourselves what our KillaPardi has done for us, let us change our way of thoughts and ask, “What we can do for our home town and our country as a whole?

            Here in KillaPardi we have the best team of experts in every sector and every areas of livelihood. Then why cannot we include those projects that are problems for our town and nation, let it be suicide, education, employment, poverty illiteracy, women safety and empowerment, quality standard of living, etc.

“MANAVTA KI DIWAL” can be brought back to use, by updating it on regular basis, we need Sanitary Pads Installers in every schools and colleges for our daughters, A MAP is needed along with direction and signs of entire town in one picture, Cultural programs, Youth clubs, Nagar Sevak Awards can be initiated in our hometown. This all projects can be taken on one on one basis. It doesn’t matter whether our efforts can bring a 1% or 10% change, but making a change is important, becoming a part of development is important. We are the leaders of tomorrow, it is we who has the courage to the challenge, to discover the impossible, to conquer our problems and succeed with permanent solutions.

            To conclude, Let us all work together, to bring a positive change,

            A change that must begin with ourselves,

            A vision that will inspire every youth to be a part of our community projects, our visons, our ideas, our thoughts,

            A change that will transfer us, to become and create new leaders in all aspects of life,

            A change of events, A set of Projects that will make our KillaPardi an exemplary ROLE MODAL, for other villages, towns, cities, states & nations.

            A change of positive renunciation, ideas, projects, developments, visions that will touch the life of             billions of people globally.



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