If you don’t read this news before the celebration of 31st December, it will be your turn to go to jail


Daman is preparing to celebrate Jesus’ New Year by allowing the Daman administration to party on the night of December 31st. There will be a celebration on December 31 this year as per the rules of Covid-19. If you come from Daman’s 31st December’s party at night in a state of intoxication, the police will put you in jail.
Every year, Valsad police find Daman and Silvass carry out intensive checks to catch alcoholics at 18 borders. This year too they have begun preparations for their checking. The lockup of Valsad police is too small for keep alcoholics people, they have arranged a big hall.
Valsad Superintendent of Police Rajdipsinh Zala said that not only will the drunkards be caught this year, but at the same time the police can strike at a party without alcohol which violates social discrimination. The police have appealed to the people to stay away from any such social gathering this year due to Covid-19.


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