Dr. Latesh a real messiah for his patients

He charges “30 Rupees Only”, that's why he is the best and patients called him Dr Messiah

Dr. Latesh Patel

Patients recover faster when they feel loved and emotionally supported, in today’s all he charges “30 Rupees Only”, that’s why he is the best and patients called him Dr Messiah. Our very own “Doctor Latesh Patel”. A devoted husband, superhero father, jolly in nature, loving neighbour, a messiah for his patients. Doctor Latesh, all over Pardi is given the stature next to God. It happened mostly because he has been a lifesaver for many poor needy people, and has worked tirelessly for every soul who comes to his clinic. Moreover, being a doctor he has justified his profession. People of Pardi, Valsad want their kids to become doctors like him and have instilled this dream in them from an early age. Born on 17th July, from an early childhood wanted to serve needy, and decide his career in medical practices, though completed his practices in English medium, yet never fails to show his love for mother tongue i.e. Gujarati language. His beloved wife’s name is Jagruti Desai who herself is committed to numerous social services. Blessed with two beautiful children, Priyanka, Dentist by Profession and Ishit preparing for his MD.  He is a charitable person, an active member of Lions in Pardi, always ahead in community services and donations in comparison to doctors of other countries. As India has been a country of tradition, so is our doctor, his love for motherland can be in his words and poetries. During the Corona outbreak dedicatedly did his services, during this outbreak He himself was Corona Positive, but with god’s grace came out like a warrior. Donated blood and plasma to covid patients. Set an example for others to do the same. There are numerous cases and stories of humbleness and gratitude towards society. No doubt you are our favourite.


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