Geologist Khambhala also went office by cycling

World Bicycle Day


Today on the occasion of World Cycle Day, a large number of doctors, officers, employees and young women cycling who are team members of Valsad’s Racers Group were seen cycling.

In a busy life, health lovers do all kinds of physical exercises to keep their bodies healthy. As part of the celebration of World Cycle Day today, members of the Valsad Racers Group team, well-known doctors, officials, cycling youth, girls in Valsad used cycling to go from home to their office in large numbers today. Valsad Geologist Praveenbhai Khambhala also went to his office by cycling. However, some doctors, officers, cycling women, girls and youth were seen in large numbers. On the occasion of today’s World Cycling Day, the residents of Valsad celebrated the Cycle Day in true sense by cycling.


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