A book is a huge window to see the world – Sandhyaben Bhatt


‘A book is a huge window to see the world. Different books introduce us to different topics. Which also stimulates the inner strength of the mind,’ Professor of Bardoli College and well known Poet Sandhyaben Bhatt said in her speech at the one year celebration program of the ‘Pustak Parab’.

She said that reading books is a habit, which has to be cultivated. When the child is small, good books should be placed around him or her to play with. With this technique children are attracted to books. As the child grows up, books should be read according to his interest. Thus, the habit of reading books can be developed. This reading habit can create a beautiful life.

Many readers who took advantage of the Pustak Parab were present in this program to celebrate the successful journey of one year of ‘Pustak Parab’ at the sports complex in Valsad. Many professors, writers, and reading enthusiasts present here gave their opinions. The readers praised Ashaben Gohil, who started the ‘Pustak Parab’, and his team Hardik Patel, Jagdish Ahir, Wilson McEwan, Archana Chauhan, Hansa Patel, Jayantibhai Mistry and Devraj Kardani. Many well-known faces were presented in this program.

718 books got readers in the year-long Pustak Parab

On the first Sunday of every month in Valsad, Pustak Parab is held by displaying books on the road. The exhibition was held 13 times in a year. Out of the total 2650 books exhibited through these 13 exhibitions, 718 books found readers. A team of book lovers is making this unique effort to inculcate interest in reading among the people of Valsad through Pustak Parab.


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