Students celebrate Valentine with slum area children


This year, in Killa Pardi for the first time students celebrated valentine day with  Slum Area children. Students from Vedant Multipurpose School became part of this unique event. A society consists of all different types of people, its really important for youngsters to be part of community service. They distributed chocolates,  played games. Executive  Mamlatdar and Magistrate Of Pardi, Nirav Patel donated Story Books and Pencil kits to these children teaching them importance of reading and learning in one’s life. PSI B. N. Gohil gifted colours and drawing books to these children, inculcating  them to fill dreams and colors in their life. Ankit Tandel and Parvez Shaikh donated chocolates whereas  Dr. Pravin Shah gifted Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush to children to take care of their teeth.  Young leader Dhruvin Patel donated PaperBoat juices to the kids. Youngest donor Aashvi Desai shared her toys with them sharing with us an  important message of Sharing Is Caring. Misbhah Patel, Vanshika Desai, Sujal Desai, Kashif Pathan, Maitri Patel, Jayshree Deore and Soumya students from Vedant Multipurpose School executed and rejoiced their time merrily with the students. Above all as the saying goes Service to Society is the Best Work of Life.


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