Kasturba Hospital Valsad Unveils Upgraded Dialysis Center with 24/7 Operations


The Kasturba Vaidkiy Rahat Trust has breathed new life into the dialysis center at Kasturba Hospital. The facility has undergone a significant expansion, boasting a brand new configuration with 16 beds, the highest capacity between Mumbai and Surat. This upgrade comes as a welcome response to the growing demand for dialysis services, with the hospital currently treating over 1,000 patients per month.

A Legacy of Care Continues – The year 2000 marked the establishment of the dialysis center at Kasturba Hospital Valsad. This initiative was fueled by a generous donation of Rs. 31 lakhs from the Desai family, hospital directors – Arjunbhai Desai and Kisanbhai Desai. The center, christened ‘Swa. Balvantrai Gandabhai Desai Dialysis Unit,’ was equipped with cutting-edge dialysis machines imported directly from America. Further solidifying this commitment to patient care, the Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan Trust of Valsad pitched in with a Rs. 25 lakh donation dedicated to the center’s ongoing maintenance. Since its inception, the center has served the community tirelessly. This recent expansion sees the addition of four brand new machines to the existing setup.

New Equipment and Services – The dialysis center has also been equipped with DM water plant, gas analyzer and electrolyte analyzer, which are essential for dialysis, to provide more efficiency and quality to this center for better treatment of dialysis. H.I.V., Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C etc. patients had to go to other cities till now, but now they don’t need to go to other cities. A separate facility has been made in this center for serology positive patients (HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C).

More Patients to Benefit – More than 90% of the patients in the hospital’s dialysis center are taking advantage of free treatment under the Ayushman Bharat PMJAY scheme. Last year, 13,500 patients were dialyzed in this dialysis center. It has been expanded due to the increasing demand of patients. This 16-bed center has become operational under the leadership of Nephrologist Dr. Sagar Jethwani. With this, now this center will be open round the clock for 24 hours. Due to which a large number of patients will be able to take its benefit.


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